The Würzburg medical professor Beringer (1670-1738) and the lying stone fraud


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The ‘lying stone affair’ of Professor Doktor med. Johannes Bartholomäus Adam Beringer is the reason for an uninterrupted series of publications up to the present day.
Beringer, author of the world-famous ‘Lithogaphia Wirceburgensis’, is today mostly portrayed as an ignorant, gullible amateur palaeontologist who never dared to undertake such a geoscientific work after the fraud became known.
In order to understand why this ‘Lithographia Wirceburgensis’ was submitted to the Medical Faculty as a dissertation in Würzburg, the only thing left is to immerse yourself in this time, in a time in which one can not only explain the origin of ‘stones and fossils’ in Würzburg resorted to ‘creator models’ as a substitute for scientific explanations, and in the demands that were made on the profession of medicine at the time. Beringer’s work and stones, today known worldwide as ‘Lying Stones’, have become synonymous with the name Beringer for the first scientific fraud. This short version is based on the research results of the dissertation: ‘Johannes Bartholomäus Adam Beringer (1670-1738) a Catholic natural scientist and early enlightenment scientist as an example of the professionalization of the academic philosophical medicine in the early 18th century’, which was published in 2010 at the Faculty of Human Sciences at the Technical University Darmstadt was accepted.

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