Ludovicus Schlecht and Justinus Schenck from Wuerzburg, Germany

The widower Ludovicus Schlecht, who was a corollifex by profession, married Maria Magdalena Walter from Karlstadt, Germany, on November, 22nd, 1707 in the Wuerzburg Cathedral.
His "Testes"1 were the "Sutor"2 Joannes Georg Stoeckel and the "Balenator"3 Xtoph Walter from Thuengersheim, Germany.

1708-06-29 Son Peter Joseph Godfather: Petry Joseph Hueppner
1714-08-24 Son Georg Xtoph4 Schlecht Godfather: Georgius Xtophori4 Treiser bibliopega5
1719-09-07 Daughter Maria Gertrud Susanna Godfathers:

Maria Gertrudis Treiser, a filia6

of the biliopegas5 Georgius Xtophori4

Treisers and the wife of the wig maker
Philippy Schlipgs7

1721-09-26 Daughter Barbara died at the age of 20 (from a previous marriage).
1722-09-10 Daughter Maria Apollonia Godfathers:

Daughter of Joannes Paul Antonius,

district master and estraius aulicus8

1723-12-10 uxor9 Maria Magdalena died at the age of 36
1729-04-30 Ludovicus Schlecht, corollifex, married for a second time.
1734-01-11 his son, Michal, also corollifex by profession, got married
1736-12-15 Ludovicus Schlecht, rosarifex, died at the age of 66
1749-07-25 his widowed son Michael Schlecht, corollifex, married for a second time.

Another "corollifex" of the catholic Prince Bishopric Wuerzburg, Germany, was Justiunus Schenck.

He was the son of the pistorius10 Joes Georgius Schenck and his wife Susanna.


Justinus Schenck married the young Eva Rosina Ott on June, 9th, 1721.

Her father, Joannis Adami Ott, was a stannarius11 by profession.

Witnesses to the marriage were Georgius Adam Kraemer, a tibuen12 by profession and Casparius Werner, bibliopega5 , both citizens of Wuerzburg, Germany.

Alternative designations fort he term "corrolifex" are:
rosarifex, rosarius, paternoster, wreath maker, rosary maker, bead maker
= baptism
= marriage
= death
Reference: The above mentioned data are based on the parish register of the Wuerzburg cathedral's parish.
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1 witnesses to marriage 7 unreadable handwriting
2 shoemaker 8 horseman at the court of Prince
Bishop Johann Philipp von Schönborn
3 bath keeper 9 wife
4 Christoph 10 baker
5 bookbinder 11 pewterer
6 daughter 12 pipe maker

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